Sharp Stone Supply: Your Destination for Used Tool Pallets and More!

Sharp Stone Supply: Selling Used Tool Pallets and More for a Limited Time!

Discover unbeatable value with our curated selection of used tool pallets and hardware, perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. All Sales are final.

Quality Tools, Unbeatable Prices

In the current economic climate, prioritizing cost-effective solutions is essential. We understand and share this priority. Our diverse selection is meticulously curated to cater to everyone, from seasoned professionals to DIY enthusiasts, ensuring that all your requirements are met without stretching your budget. Our competitively priced tools are sourced from hardware store returns and overstock, offering you unbeatable value. Please note, while we strive to maintain high standards, the quality of these items can vary due to their source. All sales are final.

Used SunJoe inventory

Lawnmower Selection: Pristine Gardens Made Easy

Our range of Used SunJoe lawnmowers caters to every gardening need. From agile self-propelled models to robust ride-on mowers, we ensure your garden remains a vision of perfection.

Power Washers: Effortless Cleaning Solutions

Discover the ease of cleaning with our selection of Used SunJoe power washers. Ideal for tackling everything from dirty driveways to grimy decking, these power washers turn cleaning tasks into simple, satisfying chores.

Chainsaws: Reliable and Robust

Our Used SunJoe chainsaws are a cut above the rest, offering unmatched power and reliability. Whether it’s trimming trees or slicing through firewood, these chainsaws are up to the task.

Snow Blowers: Winter Readiness

Get ready for winter with our durable Used SunJoe snow blowers. They’re your best ally in clearing driveways and paths, ensuring you’re well-prepared for whatever the weather throws your way.

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